So what have I been up to? Threw out a few more feelers but nothings come in on the job front. I really could use some work to combat the unbearable banality of existence...

I played a bit with the neverwinter toolset, which has only made me realize my PC needs an upgrade, but see the job comments.

I know that what I need ultimately to do is start my own company... my plans always grow to be a bit too grandiose and expensive, money is the real killer there. I see a theme developing :)

I'm going to make a few mods to the site now, I'll catch up tonight.


I'm still tired. Can't seem to shake it. Could try a massive caffine infusion, but that will just make the next day that much worse.

I'm not quite sure what to do with this site yet. Diary, I suppose. And public posting of some of my crazy schemes. I never follow through on them... maybe just because I forget about them? I don't know...

I still have my turn based medieval/magic/civ/strat game tucked away, a few pages of notes that I can post sometime. I've also thought about a medieval/magic merchant game, styled kind of like Privateer and Pirates!... even though I can't quite find the hook for that one, might have to be scenario based rather than free-form, which would be too bad.


So I need to modify the colors first off. Or maybe modify the table borders for consistency. Or f*ck the table borders and use styled div's instead. This does make for a pleasant and time consuming diversion, all things considered.

I should use mozblog. But I'm too lazy to install it. Spellcheck might be nice, tho.

Well, I'm too bloody tired now, anyway.

It's funny the number of things that I'm thinking about, and yet none of them seem to be worth the trouble of putting down. This whole unemployed, stuck inside in nasty assed weather thing is getting old :( ...

I just need something to focus on other than tv or food or games... I like all of those things, I'm a good well mannered consumer drone, but dammit I'm bored. Hell, at this point Wendy's is unfathomable exotica... I'm tempted to go outside right now, but it's raining and I know it's chilly.

I used to have good ideas.


I'm going to need to hack this template when I get a chance. Why are web templates always such a load of design school dropout dung heaps? Am I just a crank bastard?

I'll figure something out.

I might post some game design thoughts later tonight.

Here is my first post. Whheeee! F1r57 P05t!