Back from the weekend. Yipee!

After further reading, I dumped GLDirect and modified my nwconfig.ini and nwn.ini files... now I can run NWN on my voodoo 5 without additional software/drivers, around 15-20 fps... slow but playable... so I'm not in a hurry on the gfx for a while... I'll save up for the gf4 ti4200 and grab it when I have the chance.

And now its a whole day since I started this entry. Sadly, nothing happened in the interim.


d00d! I got nwn to start!I was to afraid to try playing :) Mad props go out to Scitech's GLDirect. Hopefully this will tide me over to a new vid card. Now to see if I can actually play.

edit: I can play :)
There are numerous graphical glitches, slowdowns in combat, transparency is completely borked, and I have to turn everything all the way down... but I can play :)


All right, it's all squared away. I don't know why Blogger stripped my tags, but Life Goes On. Topic comments are set up, and styled to match my default.

Now if I could just get a hold of NWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit:Anyone I just spammed: this site is designed for standards compliant browsers. You need Mozilla 1.0+ or Internet Explorer 6.0+ for proper enjoyment. I'll put a note on the page sometime :)

There's a new comment service... let's see if we can't get it up here :)

edit:Well, the comments seem to work. Broke my stylesheet, though. I'll need a minute.

edit: Bad. Removed comments, page still borked. Note to self. B.I.U.S.!


Did I say $98? I found GF3's for $81 and $76 (after rebate) respectively. Hope I get paid :) I hope I can get Neverwinter soon. Mmmm... want. So many ways to get your head unzipped.

Really, what is so funny about peace, love, and understanding?


Nothing going on...

Weather's been nice; I might have a part time gig next week... need to send my resume to the university. What else? I have a scanner I could hook up... vacuum, take out garbage, cook dinner.

I'm looking for vid cards... I love my voodoo 5, but I'm afraid it just might not be able to cut it anymore :( I saw a GF3 for $98; could go for a slightly cheaper RADEON, I haven't really been watching the benchmarks lately.

I should ask the guys if they want me to design their website. They'll need something slicker than they have now to get any takers. Although their site was better than I expected.


A memo-
ry; time
out of mind... I recall
a difference
a clarity

reach, but
when did it charge
where did it fail?
turbulent eyes
and, and

or a fog


Trying to get the archives to work >:(

edit: It's coming along, anyway...

Did a good bit of code clean-up tonight. Unfortunately the code that Blogger produces prevents me from producing valid xhtml. So this site now validates for html 4.01 & CSS. I also put pretty indents in the template files. Oooo... readable code. I should pretty up the css as well, but hell, I'm lazy.

Yeah, |I know I could mod most of the tags blogger spits out, but then it loses convenience, don't you think?


Mozilla has released version 1.0 of their brower suite. I remember the initial code release; I remember seeing their webpage while I was in the SUN lab at school. It seems like that was in a different lifetime :)

It's good stuff, and I'm using it to write this entry.


And the beast rose up from the sea, and spake thus: "Let there be tables no more!"

There was much rejoicing.

edit: And yet I remain horribly depressed.


Might be trying a little more 'fun with CSS' today. We'll see what happens.

Actually going fairly well thus far, should be detabled by noon.