I might get a chance to start on my book list pretty soon, now. :-(

It's tough going right now. I can't really bring myself to say anything more than that. I don't know how...

I'm going to write another letter tonight. I don't know what I'm going to say. I just know that I have to say it. And that's that, isn't it?


Right now I'm working on my 10 favorite movies. Not best movies, mind you, but favorite. I suppose I'll start, after all I can always edit it later.


The Princess Bride
The Shawshank Redemption
The Hudsucker Proxy
It A Wonderful Life (shhh... don't tell anyone ;)
Henry V
Mary Poppins

I'll think of a few more later... I suppose the criteria would be that I like the movie enough to stop what I'm doing at any time to watch it... and then at the end have a giddy little smile on my face. And that giddy little smile stays after multiple viewings. Which probably skews it towards the uplifting more than otherwise... although Philadelphia can be very depressing in bits, but even that makes me smile.

Tell me like I'm five years old...

There's just something wonderful about a list, isn't there. I remember The Book of Lists. I just adore those things.